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Pauline Morgan Marr

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While growing up on a farm with eleven brothers and sisters in the Western North Carolina Mountains, Pauline Morgan Marr sometimes felt the need to escape to the quiet calm of the beckoning woods and peaceful streams near the French Broad River. Intrigued by the sparkle of light as it danced through the trees canopy or skipped gracefully across the rivers rapids, nature spoke and Pauline answered. First with pencil, then pen and ink, she captured its secrets. She sold her first painting, a still life with Queen Anne's lace, when she was twelve. Upon entering high school Pauline was introduced to the world of art and under close instruction from her teacher, Julianna Netschert, she discovered an unquenchable passion for creating it. After earning a degree in Commercial Art and Advertising Design, Pauline's love affair with fine art consumed her. Today, some forty years later, you will most often find her teaching art or in the woods, by the creek bank, painting, racing to capture the ever graceful and always mesmerizing light.

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