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Robert Doe

My “careers” have Run the gamut from lobster fishermen, commercial clammer, crabber, woodcarver, carpenter; trading post owner and respiratory therapist. However, silversmithing has always been a passion for me. one of my roommates in college was a Navajo from Arizona during the summer I would visit his family on the reservation and became fascinated with a culture the jewelry the rugs and the pottery. After graduating from college in California I returned to the east, and started a career as a respiratory therapist. After 15 years in the south I returned to Colorado Springs where I had a trading post for several years. It was here that I really pushed myself into creating more jewelry. When the trading post closed I moved to North Carolina and have operated a construction company for a number of years. Just recently I have decided that I need a change of pace. I’ve decided to create full time. If you have an idea for a piece I would love to work with you on a unique design.

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