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Mary Baltzall

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I am often asked when I started painting. Well, pretty much the day I could hold a paint brush, my mom gave me a Crayola watercolors set and a paper grocery bag and I have never stopped painting.  I am self taught and love learning new techniques and skills of all kinds. I have worked in most mediums and have the art supply stash to prove it. I primarily work with acrylic paint and in digital design. 

My work is deeply influenced by the wildlife in the South, where I grew up. Each painting that I create is detailed, colorful, and intricately layered. Countless hours are dedicated to crafting each piece of artwork. I often contrast whimsical patterns with sedate natural subjects to capture the contradictory nature of life. My ultimate goal is to bring just a bit of wonder, joy, and beauty to the viewer in a unique and meaningful way.

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